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Fans of Woody Guthrie

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Brandika from Philippines (website)
I love This Land is Your Land, Jesus Christ, Car Song, Pretty Boy Floyd. He influenced Bob Dylan and the Folk music scene so much! :) A true artist and musician...
Deborah from Belgium (website)
I love all of his songs.
Jen from Canada (website)
I love all of his songs.
Raine from England (website)
I love So Long, It's Been Good To Know Yuh; Go Tell Aunt Rodie; Why, Oh Why?; Ship in the Sky; This Land is Your Land; Talking Fishing Blues; Farmer-Labor Train... etc!. Guthrie grew on me like a new favourite book: once I finally got stuck into it, the story flowed between my fingers and I ached to learn more. And when it ended, I started all over again...
Sarah from United States (website)
I love This Land is Your Land.
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