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About this fanlisting

This is the only fanlisting checked by The Fanlistings Network for Woody Guthrie. It is listed in the "Musicians: Male" category, and then the "G" subcategory (check here).

My full story is coming soon! (It's not me, it's the University!) But, for the meantime... Guthrie grew on me like a new favourite book: once I finally got stuck into it, the story flowed between my fingers and I ached to learn more. And when it ended, I just started all over again with a fresh passion. I have now cultivated an endless adoration for Guthrie's humanity, warmth, wit, and realism meshed with hope. One can never tire of his music and soul...

If you find yourself agreeing, then maybe you'd like to join this fanlisting and add your name to a growing list of people who feel the same about the great Guthrie? :)

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